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Hello, my name is Peter and this is my pet boarding blog. If you own a pet, you will want to make sure that they are safe and sound when you go travelling. The first time I left my pet cat behind while travelling abroad, I was really worried. My first worry was that the cat would be lonely. I was also worried that it would not be properly fed. Thankfully, I found a fantastic pet boarding centre with great staff. My cat had a great time and I no longer worry about my pet's well-being when I go away.

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How to Find the Best Doggie Care Centre For Your Pet

The right care centre for your beloved pet is very important, as it's often stressful for dogs to be left with strangers throughout the day. Finding a high-quality centre can alleviate that stress, and ensure that your dog actually enjoys their time at a kennel or boarder. To find the best doggie care centre for your four-legged friend, note a few quick but important tips to keep in mind:

Indoor versus outdoor pet

Some dogs, no matter their size, prefer to be outside where they can run and play and be active, while other dogs, especially those that are older, may prefer to be inside, relaxing on a dog bed or just stretched out on the floor. When choosing a care centre for your dog, you need to consider if it would suit your pet's personality. Do they have adequate space, inside or out, for your dog to run and play and be active? Are there toys or other accessories for keeping a dog entertained?

For less active dogs, does the care centre have enough room indoors that can accommodate? Do they provide comfortable sleeping areas, or are dogs expected to just lie on a linoleum floor all day? Start with your dog's personality and then evaluate a care centre to note if it would match your pet's preferences.

Other dogs

If your dog is very social, opt for a dog boarding centre that has lots of dogs playing together. For smaller dogs or those that prefer a bit of space, note if there are protective gates or other such features that keep them separate from the more aggressive breeds.

Cleanliness and safety

You may know to check the cleanliness of a doggie care centre, but you need to look at more than just the floor inside and the yard outside, to see if pet waste is always properly removed. A care centre should have adequate, easily available water for the dogs, so note the condition of the water and the bowls. If the bowls have a line of mildew around the water or seem covered in dog hair, this indicates that those bowls are not cleaned properly and the water may not be safe for your pet. Note if there are any hazards to your pet's safety, such as broken chew toys that might cause choking, or broken exterior fixtures that could scratch your pet. This will tell you if the centre is the right one for your four-legged friend.